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Recession! 04/04/2009

Although the recessions hit, have any of u guys felt personally effected by i




Wed, 06 May 2009 09:00:47

of course we prsonally affected by it.
a) if youre a kid who usually ask ur parents for everything... because of the ressession they say more (not now) than (yes sure)
b) and if youre a youth like me who works, most employers lower their pay rates and there's nothing the employees can do about it except quit and stay without a job.
c) also if you're a kid who use have a lil summer part time job,have you seen any1 come to ur High School to recruit students?( as i re3member they sue to do...) i bliv the answer will be no... nowdays even for a lil summer part time job, you gonna have to know somebody who knows somebody to hook you up.
so yes the rescessions hit every1. and we too affected by it although we're just young adults.



Thu, 07 May 2009 15:48:09

actuallli...i thank God, i have not felt the recession...nd God forbid ill ever feel it,, i think the recession is bad, but its not as bad as people say it to be....ii think if ur wely educated, cum from an xcellent background (school) and pay ur tithe....i jus feel recession is n xcuse 4 most Christians not 2 pay their tithe or offerings..


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