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Post Title. 01/04/2010
hAPPI nEW yEAR..R U PLANNIN 2 MAKE A RESOLUTION....??ND R u Goin 2 keep It N the New Year?
Thanksgiving.. 11/23/2009
What are you thankful for?
Forgivenesss 09/03/2009
whenn we forgive....should we forget???
Beauty 08/20/2009
Is there anyone that is truely ugly?
Anything 07/25/2009

This blog is jus 4 us.......jus say wat u wanna say...bring up a topic comment 2 ny1............

Love 07/04/2009

Is there a certain age you have to be to fall in love?

Dating 06/05/2009

Recently i encountered questions...and i was hoping you guys could answer it 4 me.....is dating wrong??????????//

Sex 05/06/2009

Condoms are now available for free in school (in NYC) is

Recession! 04/04/2009

Although the recessions hit, have any of u guys felt personally effected by i


Iowa has now become to 3rd state in the counrty to legalize same sex marrigae....as a Christian how do u feel about this big news?