RCCG- International Chapel Queens- Youth Wing

  • Stay under cover of the most high to avoid any storm that may come.
  • There will be miraculous deliverance for some, particularly from accident.
  • There will be some unexpected promotions and open doors.
  • He says the second half of this year will be better than the first, although there will be galloping blessing from the very first day for some.
  • Pray for those who are in authority , that they will not abuse the constitution in order to avoid its suspension
  • Intensive prayers are required to arrest backward sliding.
  • The Lord says you should pray against outbreak of killer disease.
  • Recovery from recession will be slow but steady.
  • We must pray against natural disasters that are gathering momentum.
  • He said death will be few this year, but there will be some uprooting of plants that are not planted by God.
  • He said there will be many miraculous recoveries in answer to prayers, but unrepentant sinners will contact incurable disease.
  • He said an old star will shine brighter.
  • He said many young stars will emerge.
  • He said intensive corporate worship, will move the church on to greater height under open heavens.
  • The Lord asks me to warn the youth; particularly against late night and keeping the company of doubtful character. (The reason He asked me to warn the youth is that; He is going to visit those people with doubtful character, so that the youth will not be caught in the wild fire).
  • As stars at midnight, the economic gloom that is coming upon the world will produce some very bright spots . (In other words, in spite of the economic problems that the world is going to have this year, some children of God are going to have financial breakthroughs)
  • Every year has its up and down, 2009 will be no exception in that regard. However for the children of God the ups will outweigh the downs in magnitude and in frequency. (In other words the great days for the children of God will be greater than the gloom days.)
  • Concentrated prayers are needed to reduce the frequency and intensity of natural disaster. Flood, hurricane, earthquake, tornadoes are coming, but God say if you pray concentrated prayers their frequency and intensity will be reduced.
  • Pray against assassination attempt against world leaders.
  • Intensify your prayers for the president
  • Nigeria will be given a new opportunity for peace and tranquility, pray that that opportunity will not be wasted.
  • Those who have made money their gods will discover it has wings.
  • Problems will drive many back to God; with the end result of heavenly joy.
  • Pray against suicide among the high and mighty.