RCCG- International Chapel Queens- Youth Wing


The youth church RCCG International Chapel Queens: A place where the Almighty God resides, a place of constant laughter and unspeakable joy. A place where young adults gather together to learn about Jesus Christ. A place of discipline and a place full of fun. A place where real love conquers all misunderstandings that young adults have amongst other. A place where ideas and visions are formed and futures are saved, a place where Christ dwells and the forces of darkness are constantly being defeated. A place like no other. Although you will find different styles, cultures, nationalities and age groups here there is no doubt that we are one body in Christ. The youth church RCCG International Chapel Queens – the place where dreams are realized and God’s promises are manifested.We are what we are today because of our God – The Alpha and Omega. God is good and He has blessed us with three of His vessels who have in turn blessed every individual you will find here at the youth church. Are you not a curious one? You are asking how? Well, Why would we not be blessed when we get the “always patient and youth inspirational” teachings of Brother Franklin, the “always on time” counseling of Sister Clara and the “always willing to help” attitude of our big sister Adeola. That’s right, these three individuals are our teachers and they have inspired us all by using teachings and principles that come from the word of God.

The youth church RCCG International Chapel queens – a place of diversity, look around and you see style when look at Bunmi, Christopher and Funmi, you also find charisma when you turn to Michael, Solomon, Hope and Hope Omede (that’s right we got two Hope’s). You can also find artistic personalities here in the youth church, individuals like Ikechukwu, Jojo, Joy, Chika and Sore are all talented individuals and their various forms of arts is still being appreciated in the youth church. And when it comes to beingspontaneous (for the Lord of course) look no further than these individuals: Tolu, Imade, Tomi and Mercedes Bacon. All these individuals serve the Only Living God, Our maker,The Rock of ages, the lamb of Judah, the King of kings and the Lord of lords.

The youth church RCCG International Chapel Queens – A place where there would not be sorrow, a place where youngsters like Seun and Denziel constantly inspire so many with their zeal to do God’s work. A place where pride is constantly being defeated and young adults like Jenifer, Titiola and Peace define humility. A place of constant growth – Youngsters like Latifah, Neoma, Israel, Adams and Samson show clear examples of growth here in the youth church.

The youth church RCCG International Chapel Queens – A place where Yong adults are constantly being “put in check” and we thank Lovelie Joseph and Kafayat for their patience. God indeed lives in the youth church RCCG International Chapel Queens. We have neither recorded death nor have we lost any of our past and existing members to the streets. The youth church RCCG International Chapel Queens – A breath of fresh air, no really, tell me why would you not turn that frown upside down when you meet Nakeisha and Temitope, the light of God shines around them and you can tell they are going to do
great thing for the kingdom of the most high God. We also have individuals that I would refer to as “dream chasers”. These are individuals that constantly inspire you to never give up and to never loose hope and faith in God. You are searching aren’t you? Well look no further than Karimot, Lara and David.  Also in Temilade, you find a personality where culture and humility combine to reveal the glory of God in her life, you are constantly reminded of how bright a future in Christ really is.

The youth church RCCG International Chapel Queens – A place of unity in Christ, a place where disciples of Jesus are equipped with tools needed to win soul to Christ, a place where the promises of God would never cease coming to past. A place where young adults have made the choice to be wise and serve God. A place where we have made the choice to be “born-again”, to be cool and to live till we accomplish the purpose God has for us individually and as a team.

Psalm 115 verse 1 says “ to you alone, O Lord, to you alone, and not to us, must glory be given because of your constant love and faithfulness”. We would like to use this opportunity to give God all the Glory, we would also love to thank Him for His protection through out the years. We would also like to welcome our visitors and we pray that your
visit would not be in vain. As for our future members, we invite you to come along for the ride, Jesus is going to take you places you never imagined.

So who are we? We are one body in Christ, the youth church RCCG International Chapel Queens. Forces of darkness be afraid…. Be very afraid. 



Written by David Aghwana.